He Had a Dream, and Then Was Shot and Killed for His Troubles

White supremacists like to argue that Martin Luther King Jr was a peaceful protester. They like to argue that he would never condone the violence and rioting of the Black Lives Matter movement. Well, I’d like to point out a few things.

First, these protests are intending to be peaceful. People are gathering with signs and a voice, begging to be heard. Their message is one of equality. They are not second class citizens, but they are being treated as such. They want the violence against them to stop and are peacefully asking for just that. So where is the violence coming from? In many cases, it’s undercover police officers looking to turn the peaceful protests into riots so that the force has an excuse to inflict violence on the protesters and take as many of them as possible to jail. You can read about that here. And please don’t forget the influence of white supremacists, which you can read about here.

But let’s go ahead and take a look at MLK Jr. Yes, he did preach peace. Right up until the FBI shot him in the head because his message wasn’t good for America.

So what I’m seeing here is that you want more dreams, but are offering bullets in return.

And don’t come at me about how the bullets are rubber. They are real bullets coated in rubber and multiple first-hand accounts (use google or twitter) are making it clear that the police who are at these protests are aiming for the face and the eyes. It doesn’t really matter what kind of bullet is being used when you are hit in the eyeball by one.

My stance

We all know I’m white so I will not speak for the demands of the people of color under threat by the racism in this country. But as a white person who cares and wants to be an ally it is my duty to callout other whites I see spewing bullshit, hatred, and violence. It is my job to hold other whites accountable for their words and actions.

If I was able to (and I was held back in every way that could literally mean) I’d be on the front lines of the Columbus protests doing my best to use my whiteness and assumed femininity to physically stand between the police and those who are vulnerable, as a human shield. That said, I’m not the first white “woman” to have this thought. In response, first hand reports that filtered back made it clear that the police where specifically targeting white women to insight rage and violence in black men.

Yet clearly the protesters were the problem. /S

I have many more things to say on this but I’m far too angry to continue to be coherent. So I’ll leave on this one final thought.

I have chosen a hill to die on and that hill is wide spread equality to everyone.

But, what’s the point of selecting a hill to die on, if you aren’t, in fact, willing to die?

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