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Therapy – DBT

Going to therapy lately has felt weird.  Mostly because there isn’t anything really going on in my life, so I feel like there is nothing to talk about.  There are no big issues, just the same old crap.

Last week I was proactive about that though.  I thought back to the days when my therapist taught dbt, and I thought how my meds doctor wants me in dbt but realizes I can’t afford yet another weekly trip to that end of town.

So I compromised.  I asked my therapist if she still has all the lesson plans from when she taught dbt, and if she’d be willing to have mini dbt with just me during our sessions.  She does and she is.

So now once a week, I will have dbt with my therapist.  I will relearn the old skills and I’ll strive to be better.

And of course, the dbt lessons will allow room for the day-to-day crap that might come up and need working out in therapy.

I’m excited.  I think it was very wise minded of me to come up with this idea.


  1. Ping from kate:

    I was once in an intensive outpatient program that my insurance paid for. It helped me tremendously. Now that it’s been about a year since, I find myself slipping…I’d love to have a dbt therapist but I don’t have the $$$… :(

    Just so you know.. I don’t know how many comments you get but I read your blog periodically.. especially when I am feeling a little isolated and withdrawn. I appreciate your writings.. I’ve never met someone else with bpd so you help me know that I’m not alone in this.

    Keep writing! You are helping more people than I think you know..

    Till next lonely moment…

  2. Ping from John:


  3. Ping from John:

    *life is a real cunt! Nothing is wrong, but still life is not right. Shit, sorry.

  4. Ping from John:

    Just seen how that came across. I like your blog. U say things I wish I knew how to.

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