Pi Day 2015

Borderline Personality Disorder BPDSo 3/14/15 @9:26:53 is a very special time to me.  If you don’t know why off the bat, please just move to another post.  If you do get it, read on.

I am throwing what will be my second annual Pi day party this year.  My first was 3 years ago though.  So there has been a gap.  Between drama, funds, and those days falling on week days, I can’t totally be blamed. However, this year is heralded as the greatest Pi Day. (I argue that the greatest Pi Day was 3/14/1592, and was probably an ordinary day, and no one appreciated Pi Day back then I’m betting, but no one listens to me.)  So yes, Saturday we’ll party as they should have in 1592!  Only less… well… we have better pie now!

So please eat a piece of pie on Saturday in honor of an irrational number that does magnificent things!

Meanwhile, I’m sure I’ll eat more than my fair share!

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