Getting Our Fancy On: Formal Wear, Shoes to There, And Crab: OH MY!

Borderline Personality Disorder BPDI’m having a few girlfriends (not that type of girlfriend) over in a few hours and we’re getting out fancy on!  The invite says formal wear and we’re going to dress to the Nine’s, I tell you.  Then my husband is going to serve us fancy philly crab cakes and pasta salad.  And two of the girls are going to surprise us with dessert.  And I’m super excited!  If all goes well, we’ll do this a few times a year.

I’m excited for my sister to get to know my friends.  I’m excited for my friend Anna to get to know the rest of my little circle.  There is only 5 of us, but I like it that way.  I trust and love them all dearly for loving me just how I am.

I’m so excited to play dress up with them tonight!

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