BPD Borderline Personality Disorder and LoveI live life filled with passion.

I am fiercely loyal whether you deserve it or not and I will love all those in my life with the passion of the burning sun.  It doesn’t matter the role in my life, there is a love to match it.  Sibling, romantic, brain stimulant, life inspiration.

I go through life with a fire, everything I touch ignited under my fingers.  I don’t take things on with half my heart or energy.  It’s all or nothing.

My soul is on my sleeves, spilling out with my words as I share my life, or as I sing my heart out with the tune in my head.

My greatest inspiration is inspiring others and having it reflect back onto me to do better.

I will defend those I hold dear with my dying breath.  I hold dear the many in my life that have left their mark.

I question all I see in life before me, to better understand and to better love the experiences that fill my life.

I am the fire of a Borderline, the passion of a Ginger, the heart of a listener, the inspiration of a believer in the greatness others are capable of.

I am a force.  An unstoppable force and I have not met my immovable object.

This is me.

Part 1

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