The ABC’s of Sexuality

asexual and BPD Borderline Personality Disorder(I wrote this weeks ago.  And I’ve debated posting it.  Which, as we all know is rare for me, but none-the-less I have been debating.  I don’t know why.  But should this go live, it was written in June so that’s how long it took me to find courage.)

Part 2

The term is Asexual.  For me it means little to no interest in sexual activity.  I suppose it’s nice to have a name for it.  Though, I could have done that Google search at any time.  So, I suppose it’s nice to be ready for the name for it.

My husband argues I’m a mix of asexual and pansexual,  meaning I make no notice of gender, age, race, etc in my sexual decisions.

I beg to differ that I’m more asexual and panromantic.  Meaning the no real interest in sex, but I’ll love anyone I find worthy with no baring in the aforementioned list of otherwise discriminations.

Then if you want to get technical, I could be a touch demisexual or “grey asexual” meaning that I can actually have sexual desires if there is a well established emotional connection or a desire for children.  Or, in Pat’s case, both.

It explains the desire to wrap my arms around and protect those I’m attracted to, but not usually take them to bed.

It explains my lack of much of anything sexual with my high-school boyfriend.

Andrew was anger based.  I’m not sure that counts.

Pat, is well, Pat.

And there you have it.


I suppose this post was long in coming.

I suppose this is why I stopped being comfortable with the label gay/straight/bi.  I will love anyone in so many ways.

But none that lead to the bedroom.

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