Blue Jean Baby

I want to put Sammy in ballet in a year or so.  I have no intentions of having her grow up to be a Prima Ballerina.  In fact, I’m planning on withdrawing her from classes once she reaches around first grade.  But I would love her to acquire a grace in those early years that I simply never had.  Never will have.  A grace that she’ll take into her later years.

If she hates it, I’ll make her finish whatever I’ve paid in advance for, and then she’s done.  I won’t be that mom.  At least not over something I plan to pull her from after a few years anyways.

If she has a natural gift and loves it, I’ll make it happen for her long-term.  Not what I want for her, but it isn’t about me.  I’m not that mom either.

If she uses this grace to become a soccer (or other sport) playing tomboy, then that will be what she takes from it.  I’ll gladly be that mom.

But really, my only real goal will be to give her a left foot and a right instead of two left feet.  A good sense of coordination.  A sense of self strength that comes from being the master of your own body.  Some sense of rhythm so she isn’t afraid to say yes when some boy asks her to dance would be nice too.

I just hope that if she takes it into her childhood, teenaged years, and even adulthood, that she’s healthy with it.  I need to know that she knows french fries can be OK in moderation.  That she isn’t starving herself to leap and fly higher.  And her worth isn’t tied to a dress size.

I know not all dancers are like that, but unfortunately those who are, are the ones you hear about.

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