Hold Onto Your Hats – There Is A Toddler In The House!

Random fits of giggles with no obvious cause brings shivers of fear as you can only wonder what she is plotting.

Kinder like fingers lead to her finding many things, not stealing.  She is not a dirty little thief.  You simply left it within her reach and they found their way to her possession.  Your pedometer fell off on it’s own, this time.

She’ll even hand it up to you, if you can stomach the eye-roll from a toddler.

Of course,the first time she “found” it, it was still attached to your person.  And you had no clue she “found” it until later.

no No Noo NO NOO NOOOO! Is the phrase of the day.

Wild poltergeist possession as her fiery ginger temper makes itself known.

Giggles and little feet carry her away as you call her to you.

Sweet, sugary kisses, with perhaps a bit too much teeth.

Piggy tails about as even as she is capable of sitting still.  They are far from even.

Toe-to-Toe warrior screams of defiance as you try to correct her wicked, wicked ways.

Love of spicy and chocolate.  Brothers and kitties.  Dollies and bouncy balls.

Genius, ingenuity, and devilish ways any parent of a ginger knows.

She solemnly swears she’s up to no good, and you’re going to know it!

But, she is everything I ever wanted my little girl to be.  My precious daughter is 19 months.  Glittery dress shoes.  Curly, red pig-tails.  Dresses and frills.  Fire and passion.  And mine.

Also, those bracelets?  Bought the two of us a matching set.  Pics soon, I promise


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