… Has 3 bedrooms, but the basement is finished and huge.
… The kitchen is bigger than anything we’re used to.  But, that isn’t hard.
… The basement/master suite has a full bathroom.  You heard me.
… The upstairs bathroom has a bathtub large enough for my husband.  You heard me.
… The backyard is fenced.
… The garage will hold 2 cars.  Or, our 1 car and bikes, freezer, toys, totes of clothes.
… There is a pond.  Not big enough for the older two to be in danger with, but just deep enough to hold a few fish.  Girl child will be watched until she too is safe.
… There is a screened in Florida room.
… Thomas would have his own room, the top floor would be all his.
… Luke would have his space on the main floor, just big enough for sleeping.
… Sammy, my Sammy, would have a nursery.  Also on the main floor.  Also not large but big enough for sleeping.
… The main floor living room would be taken over with toys.  Plenty of room for the 3 to play.
… Computers would be in the basement.  Along with a bigger bed we could finally share, and room to spare to set up camp Sammy while she is too little to roam on her own.
… Walking distance from Thomas’ school.  10 minutes, in a different direction, from my work.
… Not the best neighborhood, but we’ll be safe.
… I could go jogging without it being a suicide mission.  Not that I’ll jog.  That’s a metaphor.  For something.  I’m sure.

Our landlord is viewing soon.  Offers will be made.  It’s been on the market at a stupidly low price forever.  Not because she isn’t a beauty, but because half the neighborhood is for sale.  It’s a buyer’s market out there.  After years of paying rent, when the mortgage was paid we’d have the option of claiming ownership, our landlord having paid for her with our money, not his, mostly and yet with profit.

This is our best option.  For our family.  Our children.  Our future.  And theirs.

This is a really good option, for simply being the best one.

And if “she” isn’t the one, she has many twins and siblings out there.  It’s just a matter of timing and heart thumps.

4 thoughts on “She…

  1. Sounds like a dream house for you. Is there a bedroom for your dad to? Would you be buying or renting? I hope it works out for you. Keep us informed.

  2. You have me optimistic about our own home prospects, for buying.

    Now selling is an interesting proposition for those of us who must sell, right now. Wish ME my luck, I'll wish you yours!

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