This Might Be Unpopular

We all dislike the ads on Facebook and other social media sources.

But should a false rumor spread that Facebook is going to start charging?  We become outraged!

Guess what, peeps, we can’t have both.  These social media sites have bills to pay, servers to maintain, tech support, brains, etc to payroll.  That shit is expensive!

I work for a non-profit and we struggle like hell to pay the bills.  And that’s without even having payroll to consider.  Sites are expensive yo!  Especially ones as massive as ours!

What is my solution?

1. Give people an option of paying x per month and their version of the site is ad free.  You don’t pay, you have ads.  Seems fair.  Either way, the electric stays on at Twitter headquarters.

2. Everyone one pays x a month for access to all social media.  That money gets split between what’s out there.  This seems dumb, maybe, until you realize how many social media sites with ads are out there, that could charge fees individually.  So why not one charge for them all that gets split between them all.


Don’t like this?

Then stop bitching about ads.  Not like you are paying for this shit.

Now, if you hate the ads and are willing to pay for them to go away, bitch on my peeps!

I myself, don’t really mind a few unobtrusive ads.  I’ve learned to ignore the right column on Facebook and I rarely notice the few twitter sponsored tweets.  No, I won’t follow the companies they suggest.  But, even then I might if it’s the right company.  The point is: I can turn a blind eye to something that makes something I use for hours a week, free for me to use.  I mean… think about it.

3 thoughts on “This Might Be Unpopular

  1. Free is never free. Most people don't consider that the sites they use for free have to make an income somewhere. I pay for a pro account on Flickr, I don't pay for my free WordPress site. Sometimes ads show up, it's a tradeoff I'm willing to make right now. If I don't want the ads, I can pay to self-host.

  2. That is pretty much my point exactly! I gladly pay for my flicker! But then, I had needs of exceeding the free limit within the first day of having it.

  3. I'm not a fan of the FB ads, but more because the algorithm they use to supposedly tailored them to my interests isn't working. They're not even tailored to the city I live in, they keep showing me ads for cities that are about 45 minutes away. If FB would get those two issues resolved, I'd probably pay more attention to them.

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