Top 10 Reasons a Tubal Was Better Than a 4th Pregnancy

These are in no certain order.

  1. Pregnancy involves months of not being able to sleep on my belly. Tubal? I was on my belly after 4 days.
  2. Not only are you encouraged to sleep through the Tubal experience, but it is enforced and  isn’t interrupted every 15 minutes by the need to pee.
  3. A tubal doesn’t lead to 4 years of wiping somebody’s ass.
  4. Pain meds.  That aren’t Tylenol.
  5. I was told I needed to continue taking my mental health meds by the doctors instead of skipping for the day.
  6. One week no sex, verses almost the entire 9 months plus 6 weeks.
  7. And both involve condom free sex, thought the tubal last longer as birth control means, and is much more comfy.
  8. My scar is said to give my belly character.  Stretch marks?  Not so much.
  9. Does not increase the amount of weekly laundry.
  10. Or food bill.

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