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A Metric Fuck Ton Of Glitter

I got bored. And when I get bored, I find ways to get unbored. I have various methods for this. These days I aim for healthy ones. Yesterday I was on a various tumbler blog and decided, you know what? I want a tumbler. Within minutes I had decided it would be a page dedicated to glitter. A page dedicated to making me happy.

I’ve toyed with having a blog of nothing but quotes. I’ve toyed with having a blog with nothing but the random pictured I find online. I’ve toyed. I’ve toyed. I’ve toyed.

The kick ass thing about tumbler? It’s meant for shit like that. Really really meant for it. So I decided I would combine all those toys into one. As long as it makes me happy? Up it goes!

And here it is. My own personal, Metric Fuck Ton Of Glitter.


  1. Ping from Cindy Lou Who:

    Be happy, woman. Life is too short for the grump-uglies!

  2. Ping from E23:

    AWESOME!!! :D

  3. Ping from Walkingborder (Karen):

    Pretty much exactly.

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