Update So People Stop Asking

I don’t know how to word this kindly. I’m kinda of beyond the capabilities of kind. So I’m just going to copy and paste this from twitter where I wasn’t worried about hurting people’s feelings. Because honestly, I’m a touch not right in the head right now. I’ll be fine once I have this kid, but until then, I’m miserable.

“Getting to be a touch sensitive to people telling me to hurry up and pop this kid out. Like, want to smash things (faces) sensitive. Also getting annoyed with everyone asking for an update. If there was an update, you wouldn’t have to ask for one. And by asking for an update, you are reminding me that oh hey, there is no update. As well as probably waking me from trying to sleep through lack of updates. But I’ll be tolerant of your need for an update, if you will be tolerant of me breaking your face when you tell me to ‘hurry up’.”

So until further notice, assume I’m not going into spontaneous labor and will be induced at 8AM on the morning of August 30th. Should that change, I’ll let you know. No need to ask. I have a big freakin’ mouth.

Bottom line: when I was sent home from the hospital at around 7PM Friday I was told I was without a doubt in active labor and they would see me back in 24 hours at the most absolute ridiculous latest. Yes well, it’s been almost 48 hours and I haven’t had a single contraction in over 24. I get that the time of labor can’t be predicted. No one can do that. Unless, it’s scheduled. But being in labor or not in labor, is a little more exact. I can understand cautiously guessing I’m not in labor when maybe I am, but don’t tell me I for sure am, when it turns out, I’m not.

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