#finestayinthere aka BPD and Pregnancy

Apparently last night’s 4AM twitter rant had my husband rolling with laughter when he saw it this morning, so I figured I might as well share it with others. Hopefully it makes up for the angst of the previous post.

  • At this rate I won’t have to worry about the boys you bring home. #finestayinthere
  • Plus this would make becoming a teen mom harder. #finestayinthere
  • Oh, and no questionable make-up and fashion choices! #finestayinthere
  • My feet aren’t really much to look at anyways. #finestayinthere
  • The one reason to be fat that no one questions. #finestayinthere
  • So, would this be considered the opposite of running away from home? #finestayinthere
  • This saves me on the no drinking, drugs or sex lecture. #finestayinthere
  • Hard to throw wild parties if you are confined to my womb. #finestayinthere
  • This arrangement will save me a fortune on future phone bills! #finestayinthere
  • The looks on people’s faces when I tell them I’m 5 years pregnant would pretty funny. #finestayinthere
  • Wintergreen tums are actually pretty good once you get use to the chalk aspect. #finestayinthere
  • For once I have an excuse to be cranky that no one can argue with because it’s expected and unavoidable. #finestayinthere
  • It’s 10:00 and I’ll always know where at least my youngest is at! #finestayinthere
  • Spoiling his little girl will totally mean spoiling me! #finestayinthere
  • I’ll never get bored with your youngest older brother examining my belly button and informing me he can’t see you! #finestayinthere
  • I actually get laundry done when nesting. #finestayinthere
  • This solves the problem of where to put your car seat since it won’t fit behind daddy’s seat. #finestayinthere
  • This way, when you kick your brothers they get excited and not mad. #finestayinthere
  • A lot less teenage girl drama this way! #finestayinthere
  • You won’t be able to grow up and leave your momma by moving across the country (or world) this way! #finestayinthere
  • Though, you are taking me telling you you’re grounded a little too seriously… #finestayinthere
  • This makes for 2 less cases of monthly PMS in the house. #finestayinthere

Please PLEASE feel free to play along in the comments or on Twitter. I could use the cheering up! Really!

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