The Change Done?

BPD BlogAlright, that went faster than expected. And I think I maybe like it. It’s simple. It’s clean. Everything works properly. I was able to include the things I wanted to include that my old template gave the middle finger to.

I clearly changed more things than I left alone. I think I did leave a couple things alone, right? Everything is there that was there before, it just got moved.

Except for one thing: my blog roll. I don’t know what to do with it. I wanted it in a column, but it’s too long. I mean the page will hold it, but I end up with one mega long column and one mega short column and my OCD went “Whoa Now!” and it just didn’t work. So I figured a page link like what’s going on under my header, only the old blog roll was click click click whereas putting it as a page would be code code code. I know how, but that’s almost 90 blogs to code in and NO THANK YOU! I can add yet another column, of course, but that’s a whole other level of doesn’t look right/good/pleasing. So, no. I want to include my blog roll. Really really. Just not sure how or were. I’ll think on it more. Those of you who were on said blog roll and liked being there, feel free to advise. Or, you know, offer to code. Whichever.

As mentioned, there are a couple new toys/gadgets that weren’t there before. Most are attached to actual posts. A feedback survey. use it. It keeps me inline and lets me know what’s worth posting and what’s not. There are also one click ways to share my posts. Which I would freakin’ LOVE for you to do! I mean, seriously!

Anyway, I’m going to sit on it for awhile. Maybe tweak a few things between hitting “publish” and you even reading this. We’ll see. I don’t foresee anymore huge changes tonight, unless I solve the blog roll mystery with a Google search.

2 thoughts on “The Change Done?

  1. Looks great so far!

    You decided, since you couldn't leave Blogger quite yet, that you'd settle for a new template? :)

  2. Something like that, though I don't have a better explanation. Other than pregnancy hormones.

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