In 24 Hours

Importance of hobbies and Borderline personality disorder (BPD)Yesterday, I was busy. It started with the over night redesign of this site. I accomplished most of that in the night, but I did add things here and there and tweaked that and that through the day. I said yesterday I was done. This time I might actually mean it. Aside for the ongoing discovering of new links to put places, of course. I actually have a great new source for information in the form of a person, and I might be able to link to a TON of VERY USEFUL information here very soon. We’ll see how this plays out. So keep your eye on the “Need Help?” category to the left.

Then well, I was still bored.

I don’t remember which came first, flickr or the kids’ sites.

I set up a flickr account. And then proceed to, in a matter of hours, fill it as much as I was allowed to within their free account limits. That’s 200 photos and nearly 300MB. Seems the 300MB limit resets itself each month, but the 200 photo limit won’t. So upgrading to pro. It’s 25$ a year and while that might be a questionable expense for say, a blog, photography is actually my chosen profession, that I’m trying to work my into, so in the case of flickr, it’s actually a business expense. Right? (Actually between typing this, saving it as a draft, and coming back to it, the upgrade is done. And I’m finishing this post while I upload a little over 600MB of photos in one batch. Because I can.) Anyway, the link to flickr can be found in the footer of this blog, and in the “contact me” section above. Yes, I could link it here in this paragraph, but then you wouldn’t be forced to explore my site some.

Speaking of which, funny quote for those not on my facebook/twitter:

Pat: And you aren’t getting the flickr until AFTER you get the groceries because if you get the flickr NOW, you won’t leave that seat until dinner!

(Which is totally not true! I assure you I’ll be out of this seat to pee at LEAST a dozen times between now and dinner.)

The blogs for the kids got a MAJOR overhaul. Technically just as major as this site got, though they had less content and info to give out, so it was faster, easier, and less obvious as MAJOR even though nothing looks the same. The FUN PART is that I figured out how to list their sites as sub domains to mine. So basically, the 10$ a year for my domain, just got spread even further. Which is AWESOME. It was a worth it and reasonable expense on it’s own. 10$ for a site. But now it breaks down to 2.50$ per site, and dude… can’t beat that! Should I add more blogs, it’s covered. Maybe I’ll offer my hubby his own sub domain. He may or may not be interested.

The fun part was getting the stats tracking and feed tracking and all that crap working again for everything. I think it maybe is except for one part. Not sure. I’ll fuss with it later.

Anyway, there are tidbits of comments from the whole flickr experience scattered through my twitter stream. Some worth reading, other not. Feel free to check them out!

And THAT is what I accomplished in the 24 hours before I went to bed last night. You?

And on that note, I’m hitting publish and thinking up a blog post that has to do about actual mental health, and not about blogging itself.

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