I. Don’t. Even.

So… last night I decided to upload some photos on to my Google+ account. I clicked on the photo button and to my astonishment, there were already albums that they have pulled off my blogs from blogger, since it too is Google. (I just had to agree to share them publicly or within certain circles.) Only, there were quite a few doubles within the albums so I went through and deleted the repeats and the other random shit I didn’t want shared off said blogs. (Shit that made sense in the given blog post but would have been stupid in a social networking album.) Assuming, since NOTHING was warning me otherwise, that I was deleting them from the Google+ album itself. Nope, I was apparently deleting them from the actual blogger server. Meaning POOF they are gone not just from my Google+ albums, but from the blogs where they were originally posted. 12 hours later, I have no way of knowing what got deleted from what post from which blog. Except the one thing I know for sure is the one thing, I can’t fucking replace because I can’t find it on my system anywhere. It wasn’t a photo, it was my lonely blog reward that I was rather proud of. POOF gone. Just like that. Post discovery, I can see where I am indeed the one who fucked up, but SOME warning would have been nice. Since there wasn’t even a way to simply hide the given photos. It was delete, or just leave them there. And if there is an “undo” or a “I dun fucked up and take it all back” button, it’s as hidden as the warning of where exactly I was deleting that shit from.

Alright, that was a copy/paste from my Google+. A few notes since.

I found the blogger award. Finally. It’s back in place.

I went through my ENTIRE archives and found which blog posts, for this blog, has holes. 17 posts. Not as bad as I feared, but 17 more than there should be. In some cases, I could probably figure out what was there, track down the image, and rebuild. In many cases, not so much.

I can’t find anything anywhere on Google+ help, blogger help, or just a basic search that implies I can fix this. I did finally find someplace I can ask though so I’m awaiting a response.

My first impulse is to delete my blogs. Period. Done. This is bullshit. I wouldn’t delete THIS blog, I’d move it. With yesterday’s contest I started toying with moving it anyway. Only, if I don’t win that contest I’m going to struggle with design and hosting. Blogger host for free. WordPress, not so much. The rests of my blogs, aren’t so safe from my wrath. We’ll see what I decide there. I’m trying to not make an anger based impulsive decision. But in some cases, I may not have much choice if the holes out number the lack of holes.

I’m so FUCKING pissed! Yes fine. My fault. I clicked delete. I get that. But with no warning as to what was actually happening, and there being no option to just hide certain images, I really honestly thought I was deleting just from the Google+ album and not the actual fucking blogs the albums found the photos on.

Was that really smart Google? Or could you at least have some sort of warning for us dumb asses who don’t realize what we’re doing? Or I dunno, maybe archive blogs so we can go back in time if something tragic happens? Ironically, in the setting for blogs there is an archive this feature that I have set to daily for all my blogs. But there seems to be no way to actually active the archives that are done. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Meanwhile, I just want to curl up and die which is not exactly needed right now. Thank you for that Google!

I was better off sticking with Facebook.

The response:
“Unfortunately, deleted albums cannot be recovered as mentioned in a post by Google in the link below:


I understand that when you try to delete an album in G+ you will get a popup warning. I tested a deletion and I did see the warning.

Sorry, nothing more that I can help you with on this.”

The pop-up in question: “”Are you sure you want to permanently delete this photo?””

It says nothing about the blogger server. It leaves you assuming it’s being deleted from the album.

My response to the response was less than cordial.

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