Yesterday was my youngest’s 3rd birthday. It was a pretty uneventful day. I worked, brother was with grandma. He and daddy just did their usual hangout just the two of them thing.

Saturday I was home and we were going to get out of the house the 4 of us to do something special but it was so cold. We figured we were better off staying home in our jammies.

Tonight we are doing a small birthday celebration. We are making his favorite family dinner. Grandma and uncle Jesse are coming over to eat with us.

Two weeks ago I ordered a mickey mouse cake through work. Only I accidentally ordered it for Monday the 25th. I realized I meant the 24th about 15 minutes later and called the store back. The manager I talked two wasn’t in the bakery and jotted down a note to change the date.

I should have followed up.

Needless to say, I wasn’t overly surprised when there was no mickey mouse cake waiting for us today. I was kinda surprised that there wasn’t an order for tomorrow either. So I’m left confused.

I was able to pick up a really cool firetruck cupcake cake that was at a good price. It actually costs less than the cake I ordered.

He’s 3. He likes firetrucks. It works.

I’m not even mad. It happens. If he still likes mickey next year we’ll try again then.

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