Hey guys, my blog roll is currently down. Sorry to any of you who use it or are on it. See, it seems I follow 96 blogs and I need to whittle that down some. And I can do that. But instead of removing 1 by 1 the blogs I no longer choose to follow from my blog roll as I unfollow, I choose to tear the whole thing down and start from scratch. Because that’s what I do.

The easy thing would be to just leave them all up there whether I follow them or not and just construct a never end blog roll of all the blogs in the world. And that’s a valid thought. However, I choose to be honest in it. If it’s on my blog roll, I read the blog. Maybe not daily, because that’s a lot of blogs, or even weekly, but I follow it.

The even easier thing to do would be to not have a blog roll. And I’ve thought of that too. But it’s free advertisement to the blogs I love and well, they deserve it. I don’t know how many followers I’ve given them. But they deserve the shot.

So yes, 96 down to however many over the next few days and then I’ll put the blog roll back up.

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