Just Take Me Out Back and Shoot Me Already

I don’t know what is up with my immune system. I mean I’m drinking lots of vitamin C. I’m trying to eat right. I’m for once getting enough sleep. But me immune system is shot.

I can’t even stay healthy long enough to get my flu shot.

Not that any of this is the flu. Yet.

This time I’m struck down with another cold. Unlike that last cold which I’m pretty sure was allergies, this cold has moved into my chest.

I blame Halloween. I was fine until I trekked out into the cold for 2 hours with the kids going from door to door.

Then today with about 3 hours left in my shift today, I started feeling really funny. My vision went wonky and I became really light sensitive. Migraine.

It hasn’t hit yet. I’ve taken a lot of meds against it so hopefully it won’t hit at all. But if and when it does, it’ll be a dozy.

I really want to sleep it off but I have to stay up and do laundry. I need work clothes for tomorrow.

mumble mumble bitch moan grumble

I probably shouldn’t publish this but it’s NaBloPoMo meaning I’m suppose to try to publish a post every day. I guess I don’t have to but I might as well try.

So here you have my post for the day.

Now leave before the cooties catch you.

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