I Voted

This is huge for me since I’ve only ever voted once before and that was to vote Obama.

I almost didn’t vote today. Mostly because I just didn’t care. I’m so sick of the name calling and mud slinging on tv and the radio and online and in the papers and everywhere you I he she they them fucking look it’s making me sick to my stomach to just think about it. I think no one bothers to say where they stand in the commercials, they just trash their opponent. So I wasn’t going to vote. I didn’t want to play that game.

But then at work, I saw all the stickers. All the “I voted stickers” and I started to think of the sticker on my computer monitor. The one I got when I voted for Obama. Which got me thinking about Obama. Poor guy is having a tough time right now. So very many people in this country are against him. I still stand by him. I’m proud to stand by him. I will vote for him again. I stand by my president. But not a lot of people do. Right now he has the advantage of the majority of Congress being Democratic. That’s the only ground he has to stand on. And even that is slipping.

Standing at the electronic voting thing I saw a lot of names before me with their party next to them. And I with each name a commercial flashed before my mind with the mudslinging and name-calling. And my stomach churned. But I did the best I could. I voted in as much support for my president as I could.

It’s hard to vote when you don’t know who is right and who is full of shit. Well, I take that very last part back. They are all politicians, they are all full of shit. But you don’t know for sure who is right. IS there even a right and a wrong? Who is the best person? Voting is hard, but I did it.

But I stand by my vote, for better or worse, till the next election we do part.

Oh and my Obama sticker has a new friend. It turns out I’m now collecting “I voted” stickers on my monitor.

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