I Have Found My Hope

So there are things in the world, jobs really, that I have secretly wanted to do for a while.

For the longest time, most of my teenage years, I wanted to be Elliot from just shoot me. A photographer. Portraits, mostly. I’ve given up on that paying the bills so I moved on.

But in the process, I lost hope. I didn’t know what to be. I took a job at a grocery store, a job I hate, and I settled in. Bills were getting paid and all, but I was far from happy.

Almost just as importantly I lost sight of what to go to school for. I mean I always had the business management part down, but that’s a given. No matter what I do, I want to manage.

Fresh out of high school I was going to school for computer programming. It isn’t that it was a passion or that I was very good with it, I just figured with time and practice I could learn to pay the bills with it. But I knew better and quickly dropped out of college. I wasn’t going to waste time or money.

This most recent attempt at school was for small business management and photography. The passion was there but the money kept being a problem. Once I got the money lined up, I stopped working at the camera store. Around that time I admitted to myself photography would never pay the bills so I decided I wasn’t going to waste money on a photography degree.

This all left me empty inside. Just drifting along. No goals in sight and a grueling job. Sure I had short term goals for the grocery store, but as previously posted, unless I sacrifice my OCD bagging for speed, promotions aren’t in my future.

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. What do I what to do with my life?

So there are things in the world, jobs really, that I have secretly wanted to do for a while.

Through my adult years, I’ve toyed with quite a few, but the biggest is the idea of being a banker. I’d start as a teller and who knows where I’d end up. This wouldn’t just be a job, this would be a career I could brag about.

But surely working in a bank requires education beyond high school and a couple of college classes.

Funny thing that. See for the past week and a half I’ve been working fast lane 2 because of my shoulder. I’m literally 2 feet, maybe 3, from a bank branch. Today curiosity got the better of me and I asked one of the glamorous ladies working there what kind of education you need to be a bank teller.

High school diploma.

I have one of those!

Pat wants me to start job hunting after the holiday season. Now I know what I’m hunting for!

And the best part: I’ve been toying with getting a college degree in math. Plain basic, I’m really fucking good at it, math. But I didn’t see it as practical. I didn’t see how I’d use it towards a career.

So I start as a teller with just a hs diploma, I get my math degree and who knows where I end up.

Hope. I’m no longer aimlessly roaming through life.

3 thoughts on “I Have Found My Hope

  1. I hope the bank job works for you. I only had one year of college. When I came home I got a job at Dav. Bank & Trust. I worked up on 12th floor. I was in the (Proof) dept. I ran a big machine that sorted checks. I got pretty fast on it. Bookkeeping Dept. was right next to us. I don't think the girls there had a college degree. I worked there till I quit to have Scott. It was a good job. I hope things go okay. You should be able to handle any kind of job there. Good luck.

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