I’m A Little Upset

We all know I don’t particularly care for my job. But I know I’m stuck there for a while. Let’s be honest, it’s good hours with good money. I’m not overly qualified for much, so this is where I’m at and where I’ll be.

So I’m looking at where I can possibly grow in the company. I’m looking at the service desk, lead cashier and team leader. I know I’m a ways away from most of that, but the service desk is a good immediate goal.

So I told my boss I was interested.

She told me there wasn’t a position currently open, I knew that, but that there would be a posting on the board when there was. I said ok and left it at that.

Yesterday I walked into work to discover one of the newer cashiers is now working the service desk.

No posting, no nothing. The managers asked her to go there and she agreed.

I talked to one of the team leaders about it and found out I wasn’t even considered because I have been given corrective action and haven’t followed through.

Ok, let’s look at this.

I’m slow. Not overly slow but I’m supposed to be at 95% and I’m stuck at 90%. So yes, I’m slow. I’ve been coached on how to improve my score and I’m doing my best to follow the advice, but I’m still slow.

Why am I slow?

I pay attention to how I bag. I don’t put eggs and bread with canned goods. Something I’m proud of. But my careful bagging slows me down.

I leave customers happy. I’m constantly being complimented on how I bag.

But I’m slow.

So I’m not eligible for a promotion.

Oh, and fyi, most grocery stores, don’t time you. According to the New York Times, the store I work at is unique in doing that and it’s not looked at as a good thing.

Fast and sloppy or slow and cautious.

I’m slow.

If I didn’t have a family depending on me, I wouldn’t bother going back.

5 thoughts on “I’m A Little Upset

  1. Well I would definitely choose your line,… (( hugs ))I'd rather have non-squished bread and un-broken eggs anyday over a rush-through grumpy cashier.
    I've given up trying to figure out how this world revolves. I've decided that it's a cut-throat society. Money,..speed,..greed,…
    I often long for a simplier time in life. Wheres Ike Godsey (from the Waltons)when you need him? I loved that country store. he chat to all his customers with a smile,… ~ sigh ~ I must be getting old. :-)

  2. well ,being careful is why you were always so good helping me at the food pantry. I agree that happy customers are more important than speed.

  3. It's ok. I've thought about it and this just means I'm not settling for working ion a grocery store for the rest of my life.

  4. My Black Fog

    Funny you would say that. i've recently watched a few episodes of "The Waltons" again. Sigh. A marathon on Thanksgiving. i am pathetic.

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