Birthday and Thanksgiving

I worked. We all know that by now. It didn’t totally suck. No more than the average day anyways. Two key points to make. I’m copying these directly from twitter.

If you are shopping today keep in mind that instead of spending time with their families, the employees are spending time with you. Be nice

less than a minute ago via txt

I was just thanked by a customer for working today.less than a minute ago via txt

The first should be common sense. If someone is working Thanksgiving that means they aren’t with their family on a day people want to be with their family. So instead of being with family, eating a home cooked meal, they are with you working their ass off. It would be nice to respect that.

The second one blew my mind. Granted most people followed the advice of the first request and were pleasant and respectful. But my very last customer of the day actually thanked me. Totally made the whole work day worth it.

I managed to get out of work early. Everyone working more than the standard 8.5 hours got off early. But I was only scheduled the standard 8.5. But it just so happened the guy who always works fast lanes was coming in and my boss found out it was my birthday, so I was released. I was thrilled because that made it possible for me to eat dinner with my family.

So that was Thanksgiving.

Now for the birthday side of the day.

There was a cake. Angel food cake with nothing on it eaten like bread with the fingers. That’s the only proper way to celebrate my birthday.

Mom bought the book I said I wanted. I kinda assumed I was getting it for Christmas but she surprised me by getting it for me early. I was thrilled.

Dad gave me 50$. More than he should have but I’m done fighting over things with him. I bought myself 3 magazines I had my eye on. I bought myself the last book in the Percy Jackson series and the first book in the follow-up series. I bought Pat a stuffed turtle. We kinda collect them. And I bought Thomas some gloves. His last pair lasted him 4 years but he had outgrown them just in time for Luke to grow into them. This new pair is huge on him but he insists they fit. At least he’ll be able to wear them for years to come.

I’m forgetting things like the chicken crescent squares mom surprised me with. I’m sure more than that. But that is all I can recall at this point.

I’m closing here. Hope your holiday was great.

3 thoughts on “Birthday and Thanksgiving

  1. I'm glad it didn't totally suck for you. As you get older you begin to realize that birthday celebrations mean less and less, but Thanksgiving type holidays mean more and more. And Mom gets smarter as YOU age. I'm so glad I could still come up with something to surprize you. Love you lots !!

  2. Yes that would be the book. I haven't started it yet. I'm working on the book about the princes first. Life passion over general interest. lol

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