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I’m writing this Wednesday and scheduling it to post on Thursday. I don’t expect to have a chance to post Thursday so I want to take care of it now. You’ll remember I’m writing a post for each day this month.

The guy I mentioned 2 weeks ago that had the stroke at my feet… He had a brain hemorrhage and is in a coma. They are searching for the family to make a decision. He has none. I wonder how long they will keep him. I wonder what will happen to his car still parked at work. I wonder what will happen to his house and all his belongings. I wonder if his dog has starved to death yet. I wonder and I feel bad. I wish I could like claim to be his daughter so I could at least get his house key to save his dog. I wouldn’t try to make a decision about his life but I worry about his dog. I doubt they would let a worried friend have his house key. I doubt I could pull off being his daughter. I just worry.

On a less morbid note…

Thomas made honor roll this past quarter. We are so proud we could bust. He was given a certificate for a free meal at taco bell from his school. I took him to taco bell today just me and him to collect his meal. The manager behind the counter was obviously thrilled to be giving him the food. And I mean that sincerely. You can tell in this neighborhood they don’t see a whole lot of that. First off, the poor guy didn’t even know how to ring it out and he was the manager. But he went on and on about how smart Thomas must be and how he looked smart. Then he made an extra effort to come out to us when we were almost done and to make sure Thomas liked his food. He was just a really nice guy who was thrilled Thomas is doing so good.

Luke is trying to kill us. Still. He is just so full of attitude. Refuses to do a thing he’s told. He is a sweet kid and I couldn’t imagine life without him. But you know how redheads are stereotyped to have fiery tempers? Oh hell does he have one. If I suddenly go missing, question the little one first.

I work Thanksgiving, of course. Comes with being fresh blood at a grocery store. Did I mention it’s also my birthday? Probably. I really don’t want a big deal about that made but I do make it a habit of not working my birthday. Didn’t work this year. Next year my birthday falls on black Friday. If I’m still in retail I’ll be working then too. Just how it goes. Hopefully I won’t be in retail then.

I’m a little apprehensive about searching for a bank job. The initial wee has worn off and I’m left with “Aw fuck”. Mostly because I can’t help but think that a college education, while not required, would be helpful. And banks don’t have high turnover so I imagine unlike retail there aren’t tons of options out there. Plus I want to be extra sure to work in a safe neighborhood because unlike retail, crime at a bank usually involves a gun. I guess I’m just going to have to wow them with my cover letter and my resume. I need to do something to show them I’d be an asset to the company. Too bad I don’t have copies of my final for Math103. How better to show them my mad math skills. Hmm, I wonder if there will be a math test involved. Basic how fast can you calculate the change in your head or whatever. I’ll have to ace that if there is. Might give me an advantage.

So my last day off was Wednesday the 17th. Then I worked 6 days in a row to reach today the 24th for my current day off. Each one of those days I’ve had to be up at around 8:30/9:00 to be at work by about 10 or 11. So today I was excited to be able to sleep in. I normally naturally wake up at around 10 or 10:30 these days. The Lunesta gives me a good deep sleep and I go to bed at around 11. I use to be able to drift back to sleep when I first woke up if I wanted to or was allowed to. But not these days. I wake up when I wake up and my body goes ok now time to be active. So I don’t fight it or I get fidgety. So imagine my dismay when I magically woke up on my own this morning at 8:00 and couldn’t get back to sleep. That’s an hour before I get up on work days. I was actually awake and sitting at my desk for my 8:30 AM meds alarm. Normally I sleep through that alarm or use it as my second, of 3, alarm clocks. I miss the days of sleeping till noon. The day is simply too long when I’m not sleeping through 14 hours of it.

So Thomas is starting to divide up my stuff for when I die. As in I’m surprised he’s not putting stickers with initials on my things like children sometimes do with elderly parents. He’s already claimed my computer and my mug filled with pens and pencils. It’s really kind of creepy. I mean I’m still fairly young and not looking to die anytime soon. I might gnaw off my arm at the shoulder, but I don’t think the loss of blood will do me in. But if it does, he’s ready to grab my shit.

I had a dream last night that Pat and I were separated and living apart and a succubus came to me determined to save my marriage. I’m not sure if it worked or not. I’m also not sure what it means. I think Pat and I are currently ok. Though he is due for a divorce threat at some point in the next month. It’s the holiday season stress doing us in. Don’t worry, I don’t think he’ll actually leave me. And if he does I don’t really think a succubus will come to my aid. Mostly because succubi are make-believe. Though if one actually did come to my aid I can’t help but wonder if it would actually help or hurt things. I mean by definition wouldn’t she be after my husband for herself?

With that question out in the open, I leave you.

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