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I’m sorry I’m not blogging so very much. I guess I’m too busy working and living.

Work is going good. I’m getting closer to being use to two jobs.

I missed a shift at the grocery store Sunday night. I had a migraine brought on by weekend drama and basically needed a mental health day. I still went to work at the camera store but I had no choice. There was no one to run my lab for the day. It was a short day there anyways.

I like the grocery store well enough. It is boring work but I’m making friends. I also generally enjoy talking to the customers. I run into cranky ones but you’ll have that anywhere. I’m also getting faster. I scored at 93% the other day which is really good. Usually I’m in the 80’s. I need to be consistently at 95% by the end of 9 weeks. I think I’m in week 5. Maybe 6. I dunno, I can’t keep track.

I’m still working towards getting TK into therapy. I’m playing phone tag with the intake specialist. It will happen when it happens. I just need to try to keep my phone on me. It doesn’t help that I slept all day today, before work, and missed the call. I waited all day Friday for it but it never came.

The boys are good.

Thomas starts school in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait. Let them keep up with the food bill. All he wants to do is eat. Obviously we don’t let him eat all the time. And he is still a skinny little shit. But holy cow can that boy eat. I’m trying to sneak veggies in there. And he loves fruit. So it’s not all junk, at least. He watched shark week last week. And loved it. I would have thought he’d be terrified. But no. Not my boy.

Luke is ever the 2 year old. He has a temper on him. But he’s a good kid. He is a sweet kid. He learns new things every day. He’s just a sponge soaking up the knowledge. But that’s how it works at this age. He amazes me how vocal he is and how easy to understand he is. I can’t always figure him out but his daddy is always able to translate.

I guess that’s it for now. I’m tired and can’t think straight.

2 thoughts on “This ‘N’ That

  1. He must be going thru a growth spurt, but I sure wish he'd eat more over here. Even if we go out he always claims he's not hungry. What's up with that ??

  2. I don't know what's up with that. And it isn't that he eats a lot in one sitting. It's more like he eats little bits constantly through the day. Or would if I let him. He's all about the snacks. We limit those though.

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