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I didn’t go to my meds appointment today. I have the ready excuse that we lost power and my alarm didn’t go off, but the truth is Pat woke me up in time. I just couldn’t force myself out of bed. I worked last last night. I got to bed late last night. I needed the sleep. I know I needed the meds appointment too, but at 7:30 in the morning I just didn’t care.

I rescheduled it for the 30th at 9am. Equally early but I also have work that day so that should help drive me out of bed. And I haven’t been working Thursday nights so I can get to be at a decent hour the night before. Though now that I’ve said that I’ll of course be working.

So far this job is going ok. I’m getting faster at it. I’m still not where I’m suppose to be but we’ll see. I’m working hard at getting faster so hopefully my improvement will show. The late nights aren’t bothering me any. I am struggling with getting up on the mornings I have to be up though.

I’ve completely lost my train of thought.


Food, I think that’s where I was going next. I have weeks like this week where I’m eating 3 meals a day out of the home multiple days in a row. And I can’t just not eat. Not when I’m working 12 hours. I don’t want fast food, so that’ not what I’m trying to afford. Pat is giving me a food allowance separate from my spending money allowance. He’s aiming for at least 20$ a week. But 20$ isn’t going to cover 10+ meals. I swear this second job is going to go into just feeding me.

Actually the first job will go to bills. The second job will be going towards extras like toilet paper, diapers, laundry soap, and yes, feeding me. It will also go towards fun stuff like fish for the fish tank, allowances, Christmas and birthdays. The things we don’t need to survive but that make all the long hours worth it. I’m a strong believer that you need to have some fun money. Maybe not much, how much really depends on how much you have. But for too long we had nothing to spend on the fun stuff and we were miserable. I’m looking froward to getting netflix back. And we have a fish we want to replace. And a couple of snails would be nice. I have my photofinishing to pick up from the Westerville store. You know, fun things. We still have a little ways to wait. We are playing catch up now and pay back. Though probably a bunch of our pay back phase will happen with our tax return.

Speaking of pay backs, we did manage to do some nice things for TK’s birthday. We were handed some money and told to spoil him. Not too much, but just enough. We got him a couple of movies we been wanting to add to our collection (comic book and Starwars). We even got him a couple of big kid books he can start trying to read. The one I’ll probably have to read him, but it’s a start. Anyway, I know I expressed some concern over his birthday a few weeks ago, so I figured I’d update there.

We have our bi-yearly welfare update today. Here is where we find out what happens to our food stamps and health insurance. With my second job we are probably losing a chunk of our food stamps and Pat, possibly me as well, is losing his health insurance. Obama’s health reform will get it back to us in 2011, but for now… I hate the loss of food stamps. Paragraphs above I was all excited about the new job allowing for some fun things, and now I’m back to realizing that the new job is going to be in charge of feeding us. Funny how this post is toying with my emotions. We’ll see though.

Oh I should point out that when I lose my insurance they technically, if the pattern holds, give me a year to find new insurance before they yank it. So no, I won’t be without my meds and therapy. Even if I was, concord would not let me go without my needed care. There are agencies in place for that. So the worse that would happen is that I would go without my acid reflux meds. I would be given free samples for my other meds. So while I won’t be able to afford the doctor for other things, my mental health needs would be taken care of.

Pat did something adorable earlier. He was trying to figure out how the new eggs I bought were vegetarian. I was confused how he was confused or I would have answered for him. Finally the exclamation of “Oh! The chickens!” cleared it up for the both of us. It was cute.

Have a wonderful rest of your Thursday everyone. Later!

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