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Yes, that’s the word we’ll use: Apprehension.

I have a job interview lined up for next Monday morning. It’s for the 3rd shift job I mentioned.

Why am I apprehensive? I was hoping to work either 10-15 hours a week or full-time. This job I’m interviewing for is for a set 15-25 hours a week. It seems no more, and no less. It’s too many, I think, once business picks up at my first job. But too few for me to quit where I’m working now, I think. I’m kinda torn. I don’t want to take it and find out it’s too many hours and quit.

I think what I’m hoping for is this: If the pay is more than what I make now, and I’m regularly getting on towards 25 hours, maybe I can quit where I’m working now anyways.

The other concern is that the hours will be from 4am-9am. Which is the exact opposite of what I thought it was. I thought I’d be working from 10pm till about 4am. That’s what I worked last time I worked for this company.

Is this the job for me?

When will I sleep?

More importantly: Do I have a lot of choice? I think I’m desperate enough to take the first job I’m offered. I’m drowning here.

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