Too Much Information

Borderline Personality Disorder, feelings of guilt for manipulationI have these things called corns on my feet. A corn, for those who have never spent hours on there feet while wearing dress shoes, is a thick callused area, usually around the toes (though in my case I have them on my heels as well). They normally form in areas of pressure. Standing on your feet too long, tight shoes, you get the idea. So I’ll admit my preferred shoes are a little tight.

Today while my mom and I were out buying the kids snow boots I took a look at new shoes for myself. I managed to find a pair of cute Mary Jane’s that came in a wide so they won’t be as tight. They were also only 20$. Which is less than the battery my mom tried to buy for me yesterday. So I did not hesitate in asking for them.

As a result I now have new cute shoes and hopefully my feet will stop hurting me. Win, win.

Oh and thanks again, mom.

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