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I couldn’t sleep so I did research on where you might start looking in the different states for classes on DBT. I also found a list of suicide hot lines by state. It’s under “Are you suicidal now”. You can find all this if you look to the left sidebar on the screen titled “Need help?”. A few states aren’t represented but I’m working on it. I’ll get it flushed out. I also have more info for central Ohio listed than any other state. That would be because I live in Ohio. If you have any web sites that would be of interest to me to add to that list, please let me know either in a comment to this or in my email. I can’t help others if I don’t know where to direct them. I am willing to list info for different countries. If you have websites for Canada, England, Germany, Spain, anywhere, pass them on! Again you can get my the info through my comments section of this post or through my email. You can find my email information listed in the column to the right.

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