Rat Babies

Here are some long overdue pics of the Rats and the new cage. These are really out of focus because auto focus was focusing on the cage, not the rats. And manual focus had some operator errors. They are also kind of dark because I didn’t want to shine the flash right at them, so I bounced it off the ceiling and the walls. In the first one if you look closely you can see all 4 rats. You’ll have to search the tubes if you want to see skittles and one of the twins though.

I want to get at least 1 more level in there. But that’s another day, another dollar. We took their nesting cage out the other day because they were chewing on it. They nest in the tubes pretty well. I’ve seen all 4 in 1 tube before. What I really want to get them is a hammock but I know they would rip it to shreds, or chew it as the case may be, and that breaks my heart.

Anyway, enjoy the crappy photography of the rat babies. I’ll make it my mission to get better photos later.

3 thoughts on “Rat Babies

  1. You can make hammocks out of pretty much anything. We've just got a bunch of fleece and Kim makes tons of hammocks out of them. Yes, they will chew them, so definitely don't use anything you want to keep. But they love hammocks, so if you can do it, you should definitely make some.

  2. You have to take 100 pix to get 2 good ones. What works really great for hammocks is either old sheets cut up and face cloths. All you have to do with the face cloths is to bend over the corners and make a small cut and you will have a hole. Cut the sheets to size and make corner holes. Old clothes are great too. Mine especially love old sweatshirt sleeves. You don't have to buy fancy things. Dollar stores and thrift stores can be great resources. I bought a crapload of fleece for them for $1 a yard that will last forever.

    What I use for hammock hangars are the steel shower curtain hooks – the really basic ones.

    but without the fancy design. I get 12 for a buck at the dollar store and they last forever. Have about 100 of them and can make them as long as you need. You really don't need much in the way of ramps/levels if you go the hammock route. They will climb up and down the side of the cage and bounce off the hammocks.

    Another thing that works well is kleenex boxes. They love to hide in them. Just be sure to take the plastic parts off if there is plastic. Kim

  3. Making them hammocks is a great idea. I'll hit up the dollar store and the fabric store with my weekly spending money.

    Thanks guys.

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