Quick Notes

We bought the rats unsalted peanuts in their shells today. Watching them fight over 1, when I had the entire bag in my hands was funny. Watching them fight over anything is comical. They don’t fight dirty. They just play grab and run. You’d have to see it to understand. I’m sure David gets where I’m coming from. I held out peanuts and only Imp was willing to take them from me, then the others would take them from Imp. Meanwhile I had all 4 smelling and licking my fingers. They won’t take the damn food from me, but they’ll lick me. Go figure.

So I’m seeing a movie with Brenda on Wednesday. She had hit me up to go to a movie and it just worked out that the movie we want to see comes out this Friday. So we are going Wednesday afternoon. I’m really excited. I’m kinda excited to see the movie in question, but I’m really excited to be going with Brenda. She’s cool to hang out with. I could see her being me in 15 years in some ways.

We got everything we need for our Thanksgiving dinner. I can’t decide if I’m looking forward to it or not. I personally hate the holidays but Thomas is so excited about it. He has a 5 day weekend next week, and he’s currently grounded from, well, everything. So it should make for a long 5 days.

I’m behind on my DBT postings. I keep meaning to do them but they never get done. I can’t do one now because I have to leave to go get Thomas here in 7 minutes. Maybe later tonight I’ll post one if I think about it.

I have parent teacher conferences with Thomas’s teacher tonight. I’m curious what she has to say about him. He’s a smart kid but he is having trouble with reading. He has trouble stringing letter sounds together to make words. And then there is the trouble he’s having by goofing off in the bathroom. So we’ll see what his teacher has to say.

That’s it for now. More later maybe.

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