DBT and Me

DBT started this week. I did indeed miss the first one though due to being sick. I am, however, looking forward to catching the rest of the classes.

My goal is to post what was taught each week after class. So it’ll kinda be like you are going through DBT with me. I’ll be using my old notes to post on what I missed this past Wednesday sometime this weekend. I hope. That’s my goal. Must find motivation. lol

One thought on “DBT and Me

  1. I'll follow your experiences of DBT with interest. My psychologist keeps trying it with me, interspersed with our psychodynamic therapy, but I just can't accept it for a number of reasons. It'll be interesting to observe how you react to it; if you find it useful, you never know, it might be the impetus I need to take it more seriously.

    Good luck!

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