Rambles… You Know The Drill

First off, and it must be said… I’d kill for a brownie. A 9x9in brownie.

Hit man for hire, will work for chocolate.

I got out of bed this morning, hopped on my menstrual cycle and I’m ready to run your ass over. Anyone’s ass really.

I stole that from Jeff Dunham.

It’s 7:00 and my 6yo just requested to go to bed. I must be bitchy.

I was blind-sided by this one. Should have seen it coming what with me eating everything in sight yesterday.

Alright, moving off my period.


My youngest keeps screaming that blood curdling scream he is so good at. Side effect of the big one being up their too. They need separate rooms but not as long as dad is living with us.

Speaking of my dad…

How to go about this.

He has a really good idea involving eBay. He’s invented some coding letting something be possible on eBay that’s never been possible before. Making viewing for sale items more interesting. I dunno. I don’t pay attention. But he’s planning to sell the coding and might make some decent profit. If he does, YAY! He is giving himself until October. If something big doesn’t change or happen in his life by then he’s decided he’s moving out. With no where to go and no money to get there. I won’t really let that happen. I just really want this eBay thing to work. Then maybe we can afford to upgrade to a bigger apartment with dad chipping in on the rent or something to make it happen.

Pat and I want more kids. We need at least one more bedroom for that to happen. Luke and Thomas as the oldest will probably always share a room, but they’ll be fine. Here in a year or two we are getting them bunk beds.

Anyway, more about the little.

He’s turning into a stripper.

No really. In the span of 24 hours he figured out how to remove clothing including snaps.

I’m not amused.

Pat just said that phrase to Thomas, but it works where it is in this ramble.

Ok, I’m a little amused.

In the 5 minutes Pat had his back turned yesterday Luke removed a onesie and a diaper. Pat turned back around in time to be handed both.

That was Luke’s first time as a stripper. By the time I got home Pat was calling it a good moment because Luke was willing to keep his diaper on.


I’m getting rat advice from my cousins David and Kim. They are the family rat experts.

I actually really wish they lived closer. Or more accurately that I lived closer to them. I’d love to live in the state of Washington. They live in BC Canada, which is where I really want to live.

This whole post has one point. To make me feel better about not being able to post about work. I really want to post about work and I can’t.

I’m just going to shut my mouth now.

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