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This whole process of getting rats acquainted with us is time consuming. I’m wanting to walk around with a rat or two on my shoulder or in my shirt pocket, and all they want to do is run from me.


It just takes time, patience, and practice. I know, I know.

4 thoughts on “This Just In…

  1. Oh ho ho. Wait until they get used to you and all they'll be doing is staring at you and bouncing around to get food. Then you spend time with them and they don't want to go back to the cage and give you sad eyes when you put them back. You'll wish for the days where they ran away. ;) Have them associate you or activities with something good (like yummy treats) and they'll come around. If they weren't abused or scared it won't take long!

  2. I saw your pics and they are adorable. Seeing as how they are babies, it will be awhile before they will be "calm". You are going to have about six months of really energetic rats. Enjoy it! Have you seen them "popcorn" yet? They probably aren't scared, but very young. We had one that young and she is now 7 mos now and getting better. If your heart is set on a mellow shoulder rider *right now*, then you'll have to find an older rat. Rats can be crazy when they are babies. I'm jealous of yours!

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