Freak Out Brought To You By Rats, In Full BPD Surround Sound

I just learned that rat litters are anywhere from 8-15 babies. We can’t handle that. Gabby is now on her own. I feel so bad. But here, I guess, is to hoping she isn’t already pregnant.

I feel like I’m losing my mind. I don’t know what to do. We aren’t buying another rat. We can’t handle a litter of 8-15. We were hoping for more like 1-3. Which is possible but probable? There is always the option of selling the babies to the pet store for 1$ each and they would be a grantee sale. But that goes against everything that led to us owning 5 rats.

Meanwhile Gabby is now on her own and Skittles use to be Syren is in the male cage.

Since Syren’s balls just dropped does that take from the chance Gabby is already pregnant?

How bad is it that Gabby is now alone? Pat said she’d go insane but is now apologizing for using the misleading harsh word.

Did you know that having a rat spayed costs 200-300 dollars?

Now Pat is talking about finding a couple of the rats we have now a good home.

I’m so confused.

I know all 5 of my babies have their good home with a owner who loves them and wants what’s best for them. None of them are moving out.

I’m just so confused.

David? Kim? Any advice from the rat experts?

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