As the Rat Turns

Get this!
1 of the 2 girl rats, dropped balls today or yesterday.
There are testicles there that weren’t there 2 days ago.
So “Syren” now needs to live in the male cage which is fine and all, but that leaves a social Gabby all by herself.
I swear to god it’s Days of our Rats.
Or Rats of our Lives
As the Rats Turn?

Anyway we are torn between three options.

1. Going ahead and letting Gabby and “Syren” (soon to be skittles now that she is a he) live together until Gabby gets pregnant. We’ll then hope for a small litter of at least one girl so Gabby can live with her daughter(s).

2. Go ahead and throw Skittles aka Syren into the male cage and leave Gabby on her own with extra love and affection from me to make up for the lack of a roommate.

3. Buy a 6th rat by the means of walking into a store, informing them I can’t look in the cage but that I need one, definitely, female rat. Any rat, as long as balls won’t drop a week later.

For all I know Gabby will grow a pair here in a few days. She’s fairly small. The smallest of the 5. Then my problem will be solved and I’ll hook the 2 cages together.

They are actually hamster cages with tunnel systems so you can hook things together and give them places to hide. While they are still really small, it’s perfect. Once they get bigger we’ll have to get proper rat homes. We already have one we are going to borrow from Jesse for the boys. It’s huge. We’ll need just a small one for the Girls. Not small small. Just smaller than what the boys will have. What the boys will have use to house 2 ferrets. It’s pretty big.

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