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I know I’ve posted a million times on this today. I’m just really depressed over it and I end up with more and more to say the more I think on it.

What I’m feeling is defeated yet again in my goal to go to school. The goal that is the foundation to most all my other goals. Without those goals all I have left is my site and my book. Both of which are very important to me. But I need to be realistic concerning those goals. Do I really think I could live off ad revenue for this site? I dunno. I’m up to a whole 50 cents after weeks of ads. My goals are based on readers, without them my web site and book are just a hobby.

So what is my real plan regarding school?

Well here is the foundation they are looking at. The facts and numbers.

Fall quarter 2003 I was taking 3 classes when I suddenly stopped going. What can I say, I was young, stupid, pregnant and unaware what those actions would do to my future in education.

So on my starting record was 3 F’s.

Spring 2008 I jump through hoops and appeals to be able to even register for classes because of 2003 though I finally make it and I register for 2 classes. I get damn near 100% in both classes.

Summer quarter 2008 I find out that what happened in 2003 was being used against me again in the form of my GPA being too low for financial aid. I sign an appeal and I get my aid back just in time to take 2 classes.

Towards the end of the summer 2008 quarter we have the sudden opportunity to move out of our ghetto apartment and I’m offered a promotion I fought hard to get. I know if I continue with classes that quarter I’ll fail due to not even having internet for 2 weeks. So I drop the classes knowing my GPA really can’t handle the fails.

Summer quarter 2009 I call early this time to be sure my aid was in place and I didn’t have to do anything other than sign up for classes. I’m assured that while I’m on probation, which I knew about, I was good to sign up and my aid would cover it. Last week it showed my classes being covered by my aid and I received a 220$ refund for books. Meaning 220$ was left out of the aid covering my classes. I spent it, it was mine to spend.

Today I find out I’ve been dropped from my classes due to non-payment and that I lost my aid due to not having completed a certain percentage of all my classes. I’m assuming 2003 works into those figures as well.

There is indeed an appeal process but that takes time and I don’t have the time to do it now and still go to classes this quarter. Plus the small matter of owing 220$ before I can even register for classes again.

So the plan.

I need to get some classes under my belt. Classes that are completed and completed well before I can attempt aid again.

Which means I need to wait till I have a chunk of money, say about 800-900$ in my possession. Short of winning the lottery or someone just handing it to me, it looks like I’m waiting till my next tax return and will try again spring quarter paying out of pocket. I’m not happy about this but I’m to the point where it’s the only option I have left.

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  1. Ok, maybe this is a dumb suggestion cause I don't know much about this, but….CSCC is not the only community college in this town. There's Franklin and others. Do they offer the classes you need? Have you already checked into this? Would it take care of the "past GPA" problem. I'm so sorry for the misry you're going thru with this. I've always been afraid it would come back to bite you in the butt. I'd invest in your future if I had the money.

  2. I think I'm at the point where I have something to prove to cscc. Another college would be the easy way out and I considered it. But cscc is now messing with my pride.

  3. I am waiting until I'm 23 to go back to college so I can get government funding. Otherwise, they look at my mother's income regardless. I can't express enough how unfair I think that is.

  4. Anony (David?)-
    I'm not surprised. It would only make sense. I don't intend to run to a new school anyways. I have two A's on my record and a couple incompletes. Those incompletes will be nothing once I have a chance to take and finish more classes. I was stupid and I messed up. Twice now, I guess. But not again. I'm going to pay out of pocket for my next couple classes to balance things out, but then I'm going for it full force with financial aid's help.

    Honestly, I don't blame you. The system is a solid one set up for parents who intend to help their kids with school. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way for everyone.

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