The Reason

I just can’t find the reason why fate, the universe, and cscc are so against me getting my education. I take classes seriously. I pull in A’s. I work hard. I fucked up 7 years ago. Why is that still being used against me. Let it go and let me get my education. Please!

I dropped those classes so I wouldn’t fail. I knew if I failed I lost my aid. I had no idea I’d lose my aid if I dropped them too.

Part of me wants to go down there and battle this. But I can’t get it solved in time for me to go this quarter. And I now owe the school 220$ if I ever register for classes again.

I don’t get why they sent me that money just to take my aid away.

I even called before I registered to make sure everything was as it should be and that nothing would pop up and get in my way. I was assured I was good to go.

I just can’t stop crying.

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