I was all excited to start classes today. First thing I did was log into my blackboard account to see what my assignments were there.

No classes showing.

That’s odd.

I log onto my schedule.

No classes showing.

I call.

My financial aid got pulled last minute because I dropped my classes last summer because we moved and I got promoted and I knew it was too much.

I was then dropped from my classes for lack of payment.

And that 220$ I went shopping with is owed back to the school.

They make it damn near impossible to get and keep aid. And without it I can’t go to school. I’ve had to fight to go every quarter I’ve gone and I just can’t do it anymore.

I hate having to say this, but I’m done trying for my education. Unless I can find a way to pay it out of pocket, the mental assault is more than I can take each quarter.

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