I remembered

Day one hospital:
1 orange sherbet lunch
2 orange sherbet dinner

Day two hospital:
2 orange sherbet lunch
4 orange sherbet dinner*

Day three hospital:
2 orange sherbet breakfast
2 orange sherbet lunch
2 orange sherbet dinner

I had a thing for orange sherbet.

*Bella and Rya had both ordered orange sherbet because I recommended it so highly they both took one bite and didn’t want or like it. So I ended up with theirs and mine.

There was of course other food eaten, not just orange sherbet. BUT had I had another meal there I was going to order 10 for the next breakfast and nothing else. Just to see what would happen.

That was one of our games, ordering random stuff and lots of stuff to see if we’d get it. Hey, you take whatever kicks you can in the psych ward.

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