Evening 2 – Memorial Hospital

My sister was at this hospital once when she was having troubles. I knew my mom would not handle me being here well. The memories would be too much.

I also knew I preferred OSU. It’s where I was last time. It’s a plus to have as much comfort as possible when in the hospital. I know their methods and system. I like their food. Little things that add to end comforts.

I was taken by ambulance from one hospital to the other. The drive wasn’t so bad. In different circumstances it would have been kind of cool. By the end of the trip we were even teasing each other.

Then my bags were taken back into the nurse area and that triggered melt down 1. I wasn’t getting them until after I saw the doctor the next day.

Melt down 2 happened when the tech informed me I might be placed on different meds and might not get any that night. She refused to get me any definite answers and I asked if it was too late to change my mind. She said no and then continued on with the paperwork.

When she got to the part of the paperwork that states I was there voluntarily, I broke down sobbing that I didn’t want to sign until I knew what was going on with my meds. So she flipped the paper and started filling out the paperwork that I was there involuntarily. Which makes it hard to be released. I said that wasn’t fair, I just wanted answers to my questions. She left the room and a few minutes later the nurse came in. By this point I was sobbing hysterically.

I should pause the story to mention that I was paranoid that going to the hospital would lead to a change in my meds. I went through hell and life threatening side effects to get where I’m at. I’m not starting over. My med cocktail works great. I’m just needing doses increased and help while I wait out my body becoming balanced.

The nurse calmed me down and assured me the doctor had OKed the meds I was on and I’d indeed be continuing doses starting tonight. She finished processing my paperwork. I also got a promise from her that I could get my notebook, my novel, and a pen so I could have with me what makes me most comfortable.

2 thoughts on “Evening 2 – Memorial Hospital

  1. I just take a pill a day. Venlafaxina 150 mg.

    You should try to take as less meds possible. Do you know that they just kill you?

    I have a bdp disorder

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