Day 3 – Memorial Hospital

I’ve slept most of the morning. I was up long enough to eat breakfast, order lunch, and take my meds. Then I went back to sleep. I slept through the morning group, which I feel kinda bad about, but I needed the sleep.

I woke up in time to talk to the medical doctor and then the social worker. Nothing exciting to report there.

I just got out of my first group. It was a joke. No skills were taught. It was an unguided free chat.

I did confirm the average length of stay is 3-5 days. I’m honestly hoping for longer. I need this break from stress and life.

I’m getting a migraine but I’m only allowed 400MG ibuprofen not 800. What’s the point then?

I met with the psych doctor after lunch. She seems as loopy as I am. She agreed to leave my meds alone aside from my Ativan. She’s cut it down to half a dose and I have to ask for it. The idea is for me to talk out my anxiety.

In recreational therapy I made Thomas a key chain. It’s silly and chaotic, but he will love it.

The groups here are a joke. The state the obvious and aren’t teaching me anything new. I think I’m too aware and educated in all this for the unstructured group to work for me.

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