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Blog Update

Welcome to the new Walking The Borderline

I spent a lot of time getting this all situated. I hope you like it. If you don’t, tough, I do.

Some elements are still missing. I’m sure I’ll get them up bit by bit.

Anyway, enjoy!


  1. Ping from tracy:

    Niiiiicccceeeee!!!! i love it!

  2. Ping from Anonymous:

    thumbs up

  3. Ping from She Who Is:

    Thanks guys! You have no idea what this took outa me. I’ve been very depressed over it. I guess you can say I loved the oth side bar and the color scheme but it was too plain. Now it is anything but plain, but I esentially lost all of, and am working on redoing the one part that was perfect. *sigh* I just need to stop being down on my bad self. lol

  4. Ping from Anonymous:

    I say rock on with your bad self :-)

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