So, Why The Wish Lists?

Easy. I’m an impulse spender. Both on myself and other people. But generally speaking, if I can keep a list consistent for more than a few weeks and then can stick to that list, I’m fine. And things are planned out.

TK’s birthday list is simply me not wanting to impulse buy something for his birthday. it’s also serving as a record I won’t lose when I can’t remember the ideas I thought up months earlier. Finally, since my mother and such has access to this, no one has to ask me what he wants.

My Impulse control list is a list of long desired items I intend to save for 1 by 1.

My list of what to do with my share of the ad money, the other half being donated to BPD research and treatment, is things I plan to invest in to help better this site, and in the one case my community.

But they are simply records for me to keep. Why keep them on the site? How better to demonstrate that lack of impulse control can take that all away. That’s why. So read them, be amused or annoyed or whatever they cause you to feel. But they are there for me.

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