Musings of A Psych Patient Part 1

What do you say during your 4th trip to a psych ward that hasn’t already been said?  By the end of trip 2, chronicling the day-to-day activities gets old.  Nothing really changes.  The TV’s are wall mounted now.  Jesus isn’t here.  The doctor that tried to kill me is gone too.  Everything else stays the same.  Even if the facility changes.

The telling of the 3rd stay took the humorous tone.  “10 things you can’t appreciate until you’ve spent a week in a psych ward,” is always fun.  But that list too remains the same.  The water is too hot or too cold when showering.  The bath towels are hand towels.

I know better than to get attached to anyone this trip.  The first few times I always made at least one friend that swore to keep in touch.  I know better now.  Psych ward friends aren’t real world friends.

It’s funny how a place overflowing with people can get to be so lonely so fast.  Even in the middle of the hoopla.  Lonely.  Isolating.

Those feelings are what brought me here in the first place. I had thought making a new friend might fix that.  The elation lasted 2 days then I was sunk into the realization that my expectations are too high.  I’m looking for an “almost lover” or Clyde level impact and those two individuals can’t be replicated, and neither can those experiences.  We’ll see what R brings me.

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