If you are expecting a race of humans, and get a race of fish people, take issue with it.
If you were expecting George Washington to be played by a white man, and he is instead played by a black man, take issue with it.
If the little mermaid is being played by a one-eyed one-horned, flying purple people eater, take issue with it.
If Rose Parks is being played by a white woman, take issue with it.

By all means.

But if a “dark skinned girl” that you think might be white, though why is beyond me, is indeed being played by a dark skin girl, and you are surprised: You need to sit down and shut the fuck up because you are only making yourself look dumb.

And racist.


Adding “Not to sound racist” in front of your protest, only makes you look more racist.

Not to sound confused but… how the fuck does the skin color of an actor/character affect the quality of the story anyway?  It’s just skin.

Unless of course, it’s a white guy playing Martin Luther King Jr.

Then and only then can you get any sort of pass on thinking the color of someone’s skin “ruined the movie”.

General rule of thumb: If they aren’t in a history book, there are no firm rules on what they look like.

And not to sound like a judgmental bitch but:

Yes, you are racist.

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