The Drink That Will Win Next Year

BPD and Drinking, bad mixOK, as you may know I entered a contest a few weeks back where I had to share a drink recipe for a chance at winning a web design and hosting. I lost. Which, was fine. The winning drink was better. But since then, I have stumbled upon something better and it is heaven. Plus, while I haven’t done it due to pregnancy, I know how to make it even better with a little (lot) of booze. So, for the purpose of documenting this now, here we go!

As always, I don’t measure a damn thing. It’s really to taste. Sometimes you want a little more of this, the next time a little less. Plus you can make it, taste it, and add more. This isn’t a cake, ya know?

You need:




Instant Coffee flavor of your choice (powder)

Boiling Water

Baileys flavor of your choice

Note it, is a cold drink. The point of the boiling water is that it dissolves the powder better. And despite the ice, it won’t exactly be thick. The boiling water pretty much melts it. Unless you add a TON of ice. I don’t. You could.

To make it, I generally boil the water in a tea pot and then pour the water into a mug and mix it with the instant coffee there. Then I pour the the mug of coffee into the blender that is already waiting with the ice and milk.

Now, as for flavor combos:

I like Maxwell House International cafe’s vanilla caramel latte. I imagine this would pair VERY WELL with Baileys Irish Cream with a hint of Caramel.

BUT I know how you ladies are with your chocolate. That was my doom in this year’s contest, after all. So, with that in mind, may I suggest a mocha flavored coffee paired with Baileys with a hint of Mint Chocolate?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

4 thoughts on “The Drink That Will Win Next Year

  1. It's a combo that can't lose, really. lol I mean, even without the booze it's good. So with the booze…

  2. And you could probably get really creative with syrups and cocoa mixes, etc. I might have to add those in when I actually go to write this up for the contest next year!

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