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PregBellyBoth articles stolen from the wonderful Jennifer. Both links direct link to her blog.

Presented with little comment, unless you ask for it:

Study Finds ‘Inconsistent’ Care for Pregnant Women With Depression
I guess I’m really lucky here. While my OBGYN and reg doc don’t really feel comfortable (qualified) touching on my mental health, they both know I have a strong mental health team already in place, so really their input isn’t needed. If I didn’t have that mental health team, I’m not sure what they would or wouldn’t do to aid. It shoudl also be noted that a pregnant patient with basic depression is a whole different ballgame than a pregnant patient with BPD. So there is that.


Some small risks to antidepressants in pregnancy
I think we all know how I feel about meds during pregnancy but just in case… it’s risk verses benefit. If this medical leave doesn’t lead me to being better equiped to handle my mental load, I’ll start as safe of a anti-depressant as there is. If it does do the trick, I can wait 10 more weeks until I can take it without putting Sammy at risk. To me, that’s just logical. And if I read it right, it’s pretty much what the article is saying. There are risks, they aren’t guaranteed, and sometimes the mother’s immediate health really is more important than the babies possible health.

Anyway, I found these well timed and interesting. Enjoy.

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