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Thomas graduated therapy today. Which isn’t to say he’s cured. But he’s doing awesome in school and there is marked improvement. And well, there just isn’t any drama to keep us going back time and time again. He is by no means perfect. There is no such thing as perfect, anyways. But his behavior is within the realms of normal 7yo, and that is good enough.

If something comes up and we need to go back, there is always that option. And I’ve made sure he understands this. But in the meantime she has taught him some coping skills and how to reframe some of his negative thoughts and it’s helping.

The past two sessions were actually pretty amazing. 4 weeks ago we had to redo his regular paperwork. Every 6 months we have to reform goals and such and such. Normally he is all eager to play with the toys, which is a valuable part of therapy, and is limited in his focus on anything else. So I wasn’t expecting much from him during the paperwork session. But he actually was amazing! He waited patiently, answer questions and helped with goals. The goals part was hard because well, he’s been doing so much better. The big one is basically listening to and follow directions at home. (But show me one 7yo who doesn’t struggle with that.)

Then today he had a full conversation with his therapist where I just sat back and listened (ok giggled… they were talking about the class bully who also happens to be stinky because he farts and burps a lot. Apparently one fart was so bad it shook the whole classroom and everyone passed out for 100 minutes.) It isn’t that they haven’t talked before, it’s just normally they have to pull me into the conversation to get regular responses from him. Today, he just opened up. None of it was anything serious. So there is no reason to think he needs to keep going back for more. It was just nice that we could end on such a high note.

This is just a complete 180 from 6 months ago.

Anyway, it was on mutual agreement from all 3 of us that he was ready to bring therapy to an end. So we said our goodbyes and that was that.

Besides, there are always the teenage years for more, I’m sure.

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